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Hair color


The monica

This is best for someone who wants to maintain their solid hair color

-covering grey or new growth with a solid color
-refreshing ends with a glaze
-all over solid color 
This will result in a solid color from roots to ends adding depth and shine. 


the phoebe

Best for the guest who is maintaining their already blonde hair and need to have their regrowth touched up

-blonde root retouch
-color perfecting glaze/toner

*Roots cannot be longer than 1inch- 1.5 inch. If they are it could result in a double process or a color correction and in turn , the price goes up

the chef's kiss

This is the highly sought after look of  "lived-in hair" Pinterest dreams you've been waiting for! this package is popular for the guest who's looking for a lived in, low maintenance, multidimensional color. 

-examples: balayage, teasy lights, root shadow/melt etc. 
-color perfecting glaze

the wrist brace blonde

This package is for the guest who is looking to make a huge change and wants to start the process of going all over blonde!

-color perfecting glaze/toner 


the snack

Great for the client who wants to maintain their look or make a subtle change.

-covering grey or new growth with a solid color
- partial foil adding lighter dimension throughout sides and crown
-color perfecting glaze(toner)

the bob ross

Calling all mermaids! 
This is service you want to book if you want to go wild with vivid color work! Send me your rainbow inspo and we'll get the party started!


double process 

lifting existing color and adding new colors 

the w.w.j.d

This is for the guest who has previously used "box dye" or colored their hair at home. This service is considered a "color correction" unfortunately at home hair color is unpredictable but we can get to your goal in the end and  I am always willing to start the hair journey with you!








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